Intro - Zemex Tradelink

Before opening our trading firm - “Zemex Tradelink”, we have been engaged in cultivation and farming of different agriculture products from last six generation. We have our farms in Junagadh (Gir - Somnath) region of Gujarat which is world famous for its groundnut. We have taken one step further from farmer’s generation to the business generation and now we are supplying world’s finest groundnut with the trust of farmer family. With head quarters in Rajkot, Gujarat – our firm is strategically located to meet the local and global demands of all agriculture commodities which from the current focus of the firm. We have built our connections across markets to help you source “Best Quality, Best Price”.

Groundnut - Peanut


About Zemex Tradelink

Our strength lies in our ability to strategically source products specific to customer needs, ensure best & competitive prices and strictly adhere to agreed delivery timelines.

With the Motto: “trade with trust”, In all of our deals, we assure highest quality in all products as committed to customers along with the steadfast commitments to the delivery.

We dedicated immense amount of energy to cultivate different agriculture products and now we put that energy to the business and build strong and sustainable relationship with customers. We buy food product only from reputed and well established farmers and traders after an extensive due diligence, ensuring that you have the peace of mind in regard to quality & price. Because we are having our focus on one theory “Farm to Table”.

We welcome you to Zemex Tradelink - As a Buyer, Supplier or intermediary, we are interested to know you better. Please drop as an Email: and team member will be with you shortly to discuss the prospects of us partnering together.