Commodity: Groundnuts or Peanut Kernels, Blanched Peanuts

Hand-picked and selected (HPS) groundnuts have very large potential in domestic as well as international markets. India is one of the largest producers of groundnuts along with the USA, China and Argentina. Groundnuts are an agricultural produce and 2 crops are taken every year viz. winter and summer. But winter crop is the mainstay contributing more than 70% of the annual crop. Gujarat, more particularly the saurashtra region, is famous for groundnuts along with Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra. The saurashtra variety is famous all over the world due to its crunchy texture, nutty flavor and big size which is used in different groundnut based food products.

Java Peanut - Groundnut Product

Variety 1: Java

  • Origin: Gujarat
  • Java Peanut Counts per Ounce: 40/50, 45/55, 50/60, 60/70, 70/80, 80/90, 90/100, 140/160, 160/180
  • Moisture: 7% max OR 8% max (as per customer requirements)
  • Admixture: 1% max OR 0% max (as per customer requirements)
  • Foreign Material: 0.50% max OR 0.00% max (as per customer requirements)
  • Oil Content: 48%-52% max
  • Packing: As per customer requirements

Variety 2: Bold

  • Origin: Gujarat
  • Bold Peanut Counts per Ounce: 38/42, 40/50/, 50/60, 60/70, 70/80, 80/90, 90/100
  • Moisture: 7% max OR 8% max (as per customer requirements)
  • Admixture: 1% max OR 2% max (as per customer requirements)
  • Foreign Material: 0.50% max OR 1.00% max (as per customer requirements)
  • Oil Content: 42%-48% max
  • Packing: As per customer requirements
Bold Peanut - Groundnut Product

Peanut in shell Product

Variety 3: Groundnuts / Peanut in shell

  • Origin: Gujarat
  • Counts per Ounce: 20/24, 24/26, 24/28, 28/32
  • Moisture: Dry (5.5%max)
  • Admixture: 1% max
  • Foreign Material: 0.50% max
  • Quality: Machine cleaned

Variety 4: Roasted Split Blanched Peanuts

  • Origin: Gujarat
  • Java Peanut Counts per Ounce: 38/42, 40/50/, 50/60, 60/70, 70/80, 80/90, 90/100
  • Color: White/Brown-As per customer requirements
  • Moisture: 4% max
  • Imperfect: 4%max
  • Packing: As per customer requirements
Roasted Split Blanched Peanuts

Peanut Butter

Variety 5: Peanut Butter

  • Peanut butter is an ideal substitute for milk butter. It is a low calorie, high protein product. Compared to milk butter, its price is very competitive. We ensure the peanut oil does not separate from the butter by selecting the right type of raw material. Our client uses our Indian peanut butter as raw material for re-processing into other types of peanut butter and products.
  • Types: Creamy Peanut Butter, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Peanut paste, Chocolate Peanut butter, etc.
  • Thinness: 98% less than 100 mesh
  • Fat: 40% min
  • Protein: 22% min
  • Moisture: 2% max
  • Ask: 3% max
  • Acid value: 0.4% max
  • Peroxide value: 0.30% max
  • Aflatoxin: 5ppb max
  • Packing: As per customer requirements.

Variety 6: Cumin Seeds

  • The dried fruit of a small herbaceous plant, cumin was quite popular even during the Biblical times as an efficient digestive and as a food flavour for ceremonial feasting. Though native to Egypt and the Mediterranean, cumin is now mostly produced in India. Cumin has an intensely strong flavour, much similar to caraway. Indian cumin finds worldwide use in foods, beverages, liquors, medicines, toiletries and perfumery. The spice is of particular value in the blending of Indian curry powder. Indian cumin grows abundantly in the mild, equable climate of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh where rich, well-drained, sandy, loamy soil and the sunny, conducive environment are available. The quality is better by the organic cultivation adopted by Indian farmers. Indian cumin is exported in its natural as well as powdered form, besides as essential oil. Exports are mostly to USA, Singapore, Japan, UK and North Africa.
  • Admixture: 1% Max
  • Purity: 99% Min
  • Flavour: Aromatic with a penetrating flavour
  • Moisture: 9% Max
  • Volaile oil: 2% Min
Cumin Seeds
Coriander Seeds

Variety 7: Coriander Seeds

  • A native of the Mediterranean, coriander is the dried ripe fruit of an annual herb with several branches and serrated leaves. The name 'coriander' is based on the Greek work 'kopis' which means 'bug'. The whole plant, when freshly bruised, gives out a peculiarly strong, rather obnoxious odour similar to that associated with bugs. Happily, when the plant grows and matures, these disagreeable traits are wholly lost and the ripe fruits are completely free from them. A fragrant spice, coriander is today valued as much for its medicinal properties as for its use as a condiment. It finds extensive application in several kinds of foods, beverages, liquors and perfumes. Coriander requires full exposure to sunlight but with less heat and medium-to-heavy loamy soil, good drainage and well-distributed moisture. Since many parts of India meets all these conditions, coriander is a thriving crop in this country. Since the Indian farmers prefer organic cultivation, the quality is good. The major producers of Indian coriander are Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Madhya Pradesh.
  • Moisture: 09.00 % TO 13% DEPENDING UPON WEATHER

Hulled Sesame & Natural Seeds

  • We offer hulled and Natural sesame seeds in different qualities and varieties as needed by food industries or our global clientele. Each and every product available with us is processed organically and we make sure it does not contain any harmful chemicals or substances. As our products are always manufactured as per international guidelines, so they are suitable to sell in global markets.
  • Admixture: 1% Max (up to 0.05%)
  • Purity: 99% Min (up to 99.95%)
  • Oil content: 48% Min
  • FFA: 2% Max
  • Moisture: 6% Max
  • Salmonella: Absent/25g
  • Pesticide Residues: Within EU Regulations
Cumin Seeds